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At Marlin Plumbing, we provide the finest 

water softeners in Utah

 to treat your hard water and make it suitable for your needs.

Put Your Faith in The Best

It is a well known fact that Utah is home to some of the hardest water compared to the rest of the United States of America. As a resident of Utah, you have likely experienced limescale and stubborn water stains in your bathtub, or sink. These stains are a result of hard water, which can be pretty annoying and leave their mark. They make your bathroom appear dirty, and no amount of scrubbing seems to make a difference. Most people eventually give up trying to clean the stains and make their peace with them. That’s where our 

water softener systems in Utah

 come to the rescue! We have the perfect solution to help you get rid of these nasty stains once and for all!

For those living in southern Utah, 

water softeners

 are more of a necessity than a luxury. Apart from the stains, there are plenty of more reasons why you should consider our services. You will observe noticeable differences once you get your hard water treated. The users of hard water have reported that it tastes like chalk or chemicals! Don’t let those you love experience hard water, when there is a solution.

With hard water, tea kettles and taps are likely to develop limescale. As a result, you will experience a mineral taste in your water. Substituting hard water with soft water will reduce the risk of limescale formation, thereby improving water’s overall taste and smell.

Not just that, hard water is also extremely bad for the skin. It contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium that can clog your pores, causing the skin to dry and become irritable. Hard water also reacts with soap and forms salts that cannot be washed off the skin easily.

In addition to making the skin dry and flaky, hard water also leads to blemishes and acne. In severe cases, hard water can even cause dermatitis. These reasons have only one viable solution: getting a 

water softener installation in Utah

, by Marlin Plumbing Services.

What Is Water Softener

A standard water-softening system substitutes calcium and magnesium ions in tough water with sodium Bicarbonate ions. (Baking Soda) Calcium and magnesium ions, but not sodium Bicarbonate, interfere with the action of home soaps and cleaning agents. As a result, the water-softening process help detergents in more successfully removing dirt and oils from clothes and dishes. It likewise assists soaps safeguard your skin from feeling “oily” while you’re washing it. Many water softener manufacturers suggest reducing the amount of soap and cleaning agent you use after setting up a water softener.

A Certiflow water softener system is installed in your house’s plumbing near the point where water gets in your house, softening the water utilized for drinking and washing, however not for watering. Numerous cubic feet of porous plastic resin is covered with molecules that bring in and bind to positive ions dissolved in water in the system.

This triggers sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) ions to be launched into the water to keep the resin’s electrical charge stabilized. The majority of sodium Bicarbonate ions are gradually released into the family water, and the resin gets saturated with calcium and magnesium ions. The resin must be restored with the exchange.   The Chloride, calcium and magnesium ions and the salty rinse water are flushed down the drain, and the system goes back to routine operation. To prepare this salted rinse water, a bag of sodium chloride salt should be contributed to the softener unit Every couple of months.

Using a Certiflow water softener will make your skin feel silky and healthier. Soft water does not leave mineral build-up, so your clothes, hair, and skin will once again feel fresh and healthy.
Imagine what soft water can do for your clothes if it can do so much for your skin and hair. Certiflow water softener will assist you in accomplishing healthy hair, healthy drinking water, and drain systems that are free of blockages. To sum up, it will assist you in fixing any water-related problems while also improving your living standard through our superior product or services.

One Call Can Solve All Your House Problems
The Mineral Tank

By removing calcium and magnesium from the water, the issue of tough water can be treated. A water softener is the most perfect alternative.

A water softener is a mechanical device that is linked to your home’s water supply system. All water conditioners work on the exact same principle: they exchange minerals for something else, generally sodium Bicarbonate. The procedure is called ion exchange.

A water softener’s mineral tank is its heart. Tiny polystyrene beads, often known as resin, are used to fill it. The beads are adversely charged.

Water conditioners feature a separate brine tank that utilizes common salt to make salt water solution. Favorable quantities of salt ions exist as well, although not as highly as calcium and magnesium. The sheer variety of salt ions in this tank is enough to drive calcium and magnesium off the beads when a liquid is forced through it. Tough water flows into the mineral tank in a typical operation, where calcium and magnesium ions change salt ions. In water, sodium ions liquify. During the recharge stage, sodium-rich salt service is transferred from the brine tank to the mineral tank. The Certiflow unit starts a three-phase regenerative cycle once the beads have been saturated with calcium and magnesium and then backwashing starts by reversing the water flow to flush dirt out of the tank.

The Brine Tank

The brine tank is simply what it seems like: a plastic tank filled with brine, salty or potassium-saturated water. Backwashing the mineral tank with this salty water gets rid of mineral particles and restores the beads’ unfavorable charge, allowing them to collect more minerals.

The sheer variety of salt ions suffices to drive the calcium and magnesium ions off the beads when a solid brine service is required through a tank holding calcium and magnesium-saturated beads. Water conditioners have a separate brine tank that produces most brine service utilizing common salt.

In basic performance, tough water enters into the mineral tank, where calcium and magnesium ions change to Sodium Bicarbonate ions. The sodium Bicarbonate ions liquify in water. The water softener unit initiates a three-phase regenerative cycle once the beads have been saturated with calcium and magnesium. The backwash step starts by reversing water flow to flush dirt from the tank.

Certiflow water softener systems use a distinct Pre-brine function That will create the brine solution three hours prior to cleansing. Eliminating standing water in the brine tank and minimizing the opportunity of damaging germs develop experienced in many other makes water softeners.


Where Problem Begins

You’re most likely wondering how difficult water establishes or how the issue emerges. Water is a great solvent that quickly uses up impurities. Pure water is sometimes referred to as the universal solvent due to the fact that it has no taste, colour, or odour.

When water and co2 are mixed to make really weak carbonic acid, an even better solvent is produced. Water liquifies reasonably minute amounts of minerals and holds them in solution as it streams through soil and rock.


The degree of hardness must be perceived from your appliances’ point-of-view the problems with appliances start at minimal hardness levels. Some locations in the United States exceed 50 gpgObviously appliances wear out much faster at those levels, but remember that “extreme wear” occurs on any appliance employing water in excess of 3.5 gpg.

Conditioned Water
<1 gpg
Moderately Hard
1-3.5 gpg
3.5-7 gpg
Very Hard
7-10.5 gpg
Extremely Hard
> 10.5 gpg
One Call Can Solve All Your House Problems
Reasons To Consider Water Softener Installation In Utah

As mentioned above, Utah tops the list of states that mostly get the supply of hard water. This water creates a lot of problems for the locals where an alternative is absolutely necessary. Hard water can be unpleasant in more ways than one. Here are some of the cons associated with the usage of hard water:

  • When you wash your skin with hard water, it leaves a feeling of a film formation even after you have washed your hands thoroughly. This happens when the soap reacts with calcium and forms soap scum. With hard water, you will feel the need to rinse your skin longer than necessary.
  • Calcium carbonate found in hard water can form deposits on your silverware and glasses. This leads to spots, making your cutlery appear old and dirty.
  • Another problem is mineral stains on washed clothes. This causes the clothes to wear out faster than their usual lifespan and appear dull.
  • Skin irritation, acne, blemishes, and dry patches are other common problems faced by hard water users.
  • Stains on the toilet tiles and signs of yellowing are also pretty common with hard water.
  • Minerals in hard water can deposit in the pipes, shrinking the internal diameter and hindering the water flow.

These issues can be somewhat problematic and be a constant source of annoyance. We have the perfect solution to make things better for you. A 

water softener system installation

 can make a remarkable difference and put your mind at ease. Our 

water softeners in St. George

 use an ion exchange process that ensures the elimination of magnesium and calcium from the water, reducing the hardness levels.

water softener system

 has a bed of spherical resin beads made from polystyrene and charged with sodium ions. The beads carry a negative charge, whereas the minerals in hard water, calcium, and magnesium, carry a positive charge. When water passes through the resin, beads attract the positive ions and remove them from the water. In this way, all the hardness is stripped, and soft water flows from your taps.

Once you install one of our water softener systems, you will notice a remarkable difference in your water quality and will be eternally grateful for your decision. Here’s how a 

home water softener in Utah

 can make your life easier:

  • Soft water will provide a healthy lather to wash your hands, body, clothes, and dishes alike. There will be no film formation, and everything will feel squeaky clean.
  • You will not experience any spots on your cutlery. After washing with soft water, it will appear new and sparkling.
  • Your clothes will be cleaner after washing, having no mineral stains or wear-and-tear damage.
  • Your skin will not experience any water-related breakouts, acne, blemishes, dryness, flakes, or irritation.
  • There will be no appearance of yellowing spots in your toilet. Scrubbing with soft water will not take as much effort as hard water.
  • Soft water does not contain any unnecessary minerals that can deposit in the pipes. Hence, you will experience an adequate flow of water without any hindrance.
Marlin Plumbing - The Perfect Solution To All Hard Water Problems

These reasons are enough for you to consider a 

water softener system for homes in St. George

. We have the perfect solution for your hard water problems. Don’t look any further and get in touch with us today!

One Call Can Solve All Your House Problems
Benefits Of Installing A Water Softener

Water containing unnecessary elements such as calcium, magnesium, or iron are responsible for hardness in water. Not only do they affect the water’s taste and smell, but they also have several other unpleasant after-effects. In areas such as 

Utah, water softeners

 are an essential necessity. Here are some benefits a water softener can offer:

    • No Build-Up On Plumbing: As a resident of Utah, you must have noticed scale buildup on your plumbing fixtures and other appliances. This happens due to hard water. Mineral deposits are likely to occur not just in your shower head and faucets but also on your kitchen appliances, such as dishwashers and coffee pots. This buildup is a pretty unpleasant sight and can also contribute to a foul taste in water. Once you install a water softener, you will not experience such a problem.
    • Healthy Hair & Skin: An excess amount of magnesium and calcium in water can make your skin dry, and your hair slimy. Hard water fails to nourish your skin and hair; thus, your skin will be dry and more prone to acne, blemishes, and breakouts, and your hair will be brittle. On the contrary, installing a 

      water softener system in southern Utah

       can help resolve this issue. A water softener will expel these unwanted minerals, and your skin and hair will be happy and healthy!

    • No Unwanted Expenses: Most people with a hard water supply experience a problem with malfunctioned plumbing. Due to calcium and magnesium buildup, the plumbing endures a pressure to allow water to pass through. This often results in cracked pipes and leakage. Even a minor leak can cause the loss of plenty of gallons, contributing to higher water bills. Moreover, the cost of the repairs is an additional burden. Installing a water softener can save you from all these expenses.
How To Size A Water Softener
First you must find the Flow Rate requirement demand for
your home.

In the Plumbing code Water line sizing is done with the use of Fixture Units. Each plumbing fixture is given a water flow value.

Water Softener Quick Sizing Guide

*All products manufactured to meet or exceed NSF44 Standards

Quick Reference Guide for Fixture Unit Count and Water Softener Sizing Fixtures and Load Values Assigned in Fixture Tables E103.3

Table 2 - Typical Fixture Counts

House Size
Fixture Units
Flow Rate
Meter Size
Water Line Size
1 Bath
2 Bath
2 1/2 Bath
3 Bath
3 1/2 Bath
4 Bath
4 1/2 Bath
5 Bath

This chart is based on International Plumbing Code 2018-2021.

Reference: Table (E103.3)

Reference: Plumbing Code Requirements and Sizing Guide for Residential Water Softeners, Second Edition

Table 2 was created by (Marlin Mechanical), as an aid and quick reference to common fixture counts. Actual fixture counts may vary.

Criteria used for creating chart:

  • Water Line sizing was done with 50 to 60 PSI with a developed length of 40 to 50 feet.
  • Single Laundry
  • Single Kitchen sink with dishwasher
  • 3 fixtures per bath
  • Hose bibs not used in fixture water load.

*Softeners used exclusively for laundry are not required to be certified

System Sizes
Certiflow Water Softener System Will Meet The Plumbing Code For All Home Sizes
Size Your Softeners By The Size Of The Main Water Line In Your Home
Main Water Line
Softener Size
3/4″ Pipe
1″ low flow
1″ Pipe
1.25″ Pipe
System Sizes
48,000 Grain
Water Pressure
Flow Rate
35 psi
45 psi
55 psi
65 psi
70,000 Grain
Water Pressure
Flow Rate
35 psi
45 psi
55 psi
65 psi
90,000 Grain
Water Pressure
Flow Rate
35 psi
45 psi
55 psi
65 psi
Experience The Best Services With Marlin Plumbing

With so many available options of 

water softeners in St. George, Utah

, choosing the best among the pool of companies is not easy. All homeowners need the best services to fulfill their requirements and get a long-term solution at minimum cost. At Marlin Plumbing, we promise you that we possess all the qualities you need in a water softener company. We take pride in being one of the best 

water softener companies in Utah

 and promise to take all the necessary steps to get the job done right.

No one likes an unsteady water flow; therefore, our licensed plumbing experts ensure to check the potassium and salt levels in your filters while ensuring adequate water pressure. We have served hundreds of customers, and we can proudly say that our clientele has been delighted with our services. We are the experts in the water softening field in Utah, and we aim to ensure a healthy water supply for all residents. We are committed to our goal, which makes us strive for happy customers every day.

Hiring us will guarantee a clean and refreshing water supply, free of all unnecessary elements. Whether you need 

water softener installation

 in St. George or regular maintenance, Marlin Plumbing is the perfect solution. We can install a 

water softener system in southern Utah

 in varied sizes, according to your budget and family’s requirements. We will guide you through the entire process and also take your valuable input. We are committed to providing the finest professional services and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Our commitment is what makes us your top choice, and we can assure you that you won’t regret putting your faith in us.

One Call Can Solve All Your House Problems
We Deliver What We Promise

Hire us today and experience a remarkable difference in your water quality.

Water Softener Installation St. George

A water softener is an essential requirement for all Utah residents to increase the longevity of clothes, cutlery, and plumbing. It will minimize the risk of yellow stains in your toilet and save you from multiple skin issues. Therefore, you need to hire expert services to ensure the proper installation of a water softener.

At Marlin Plumbing, we offer the best 

water softener system for homes in southern Utah

. It follows an ion exchange process to remove unwanted minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. As a result, your pipes will not show early signs of corrosion or buildup. It will make your cleaning processes more manageable and provide significantly improved drinking water.

Call us today and get a professional water softener installation in your home. Our plumbers are highly trained and excel at their jobs, making sure you face no difficulty. They will route your main water supply through a water softener to ensure overall protection from hard water. Not just that, we care for our customers, and we want to make soft water accessible throughout the state. Hence, we promise excellent services at minimum costs. Get in touch with us today and get a quote according to your family’s requirements.

Water Softener Maintenance

Our Water softeners are almost maintenance free. Unlike other brands that require semiannual service. The only maintenance is to add the yellow bags of salt to your brine tank. Normally every six to eight months. The Certiflow softeners are so advanced they will detect any problems with the systems and alert you with a red flashing screen. Even diagnosing exactly what the problem with the system is. All of our systems are backed by the Certiflow life time guarantee.   This is the only system you will ever own.

Water Softener Repair

Along with water softener installation and maintenance, we have got you covered on this front too. If your water softener has been damaged, you need not fret about that anymore because we are here to save the day! All our systems are covered by our lifetime guarantee. We also carry parts to repair many other brands of equipment. The repair process does not take long, and with our trained experts on board, it’s merely all in a day’s job. We will have your water softener repaired in no time and leave it as good as new. All it takes is 3 simple steps:

Step-1: Clean The Brine Tank
The first step before moving on to repairing is cleaning the brine tank. We will break up the salt dome and clear the entire tank followed by thorough rinsing.

Step-2: Clean The Resin Bed
The resin bed can be clogged with iron that can cause malfunction. We will refresh the resin bed with a premium quality resin bed cleaner and warm water to remove all iron residues.

Step-3: Disassemble The Venturi Assembly
The next step is to remove the assembly parts. We will carefully remove the cap covering the venturi assembly, filter the screen, and disassemble all parts.

Step-4: Cleaning The Assembly Parts
To ensure a clean resin bed, it is imperative to clean all the assembly parts. We will clean all the mineral deposits and dirt from the screen and venturi assembly parts in warm water.
With that, your water softener will be restored to its former glory and ensure freshwater supply for you and your family.

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Salt-free systems crystallize unwanted minerals instead of removing them. Whereas salt-based water softeners eradicate unwanted minerals, making them a better choice.

An average 

water softener system in St. George

 costs between $1,000 to $2,000. You can contact us for a customized quote according to your requirements.

Reddish staining is caused due to the presence of iron. If you are experiencing this problem even after getting a water softener, it means that the system was not correctly installed.

Multiply the number of people by the number of gallons consumed per day and then multiply it by water hardness in grains per gallon. The answer is your required capacity.

Choose a water softener based on your daily usage and the amount of hardness your water contains.

During regeneration, the water softener cleans the water, and the hard elements flow down the drain. Once these elements are removed, the resin is clean for a new cycle.

Water softener resin price can lie between $0.7 to $60, depending on the quality, quantity, and manufacturers.

water softener system costs

 $1500 on average. The price may vary depending on the system size and installation processes.

The hardness in Utah water is caused by the groundwater flowing through limestone. This contributes to an increased percentage of calcium and magnesium, increasing the water hardness.

One Call Can Solve All Your House Problems

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