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Avoid all the messiness that comes with pipe and sewer repairs when digging underneath your house by contacting us today.

Sewer Line Restoration and Installation Services

If you’re looking for professional sewer line restoration and installation services, look no further than our team. We specialize in all sorts of residential plumbing as well as commercial plumbing – from small repairs like patching up leaks or installing new pipes under your street to major renovations such us replacing broken sewers with fresh ones; we can handle them!

When a pipe bursts and there’s flooding in your home, you realize that there are sewer pipes underneath your home that also need repairs. Plumbing is one of the most used things in any home in Utah, but they are the last thing that people think about when it comes to repairs.

However, when a plumbing emergency occurs, there’s little time to wait around. Before your whole house turns into a lake, you need a plumbing expert pronto. It is often hard to recognize the point of damage, it could either be the result of a clogged pipe or a cracked pipe, instead of taking on the task yourself, it is better to call an expert, who can fix the situation more efficiently without further damage.

Sometimes, these cracked and clogged pipes can lead to an expensive repair job, which is why people tend to try to fix them themselves. But if a sewer line has fallen, with no hope of repair, your ultimate option would be to get the line replaced.

Therefore, it is better to contact a sewer line expert who can evaluate the situation efficiently and pinpoint the problem and then get to work at repairing the sewer line with effective expertise. At marlin, we have expert professionals who have years of experience in repairing sewer lines the right way. We assess the damage using the proper equipment- one of our ways of evaluation is through cameras.
Our sewer line repair services include:



Corrosion of Pipes

This is one of the most common issues that occur in plumbing. Pipe corrosion simply occurs due to the metal reacting to the waste-water in your sewer line. Mainly people don’t realize the cause of this, but an expert plumber knows how to inspect it and repair it in no time. Our professionals at marlin have helped countless citizens in St. George, UT with this problem and have used the latest equipment like cameras to provide them with the best services.

Shifting Pipes

Sometimes, sinking foundations and rainwater can seep underneath the sewer lines and result in moving it from its ideal location. This can cause some serious problems like clogging, cracking and bursting of sewer lines. People in southern Utah often call us up to fix this issue. The experts in our family-oriented plumbing solutions help them in every way. They observe if any of the lines have sustained any change of shape and efficiently replace them if needed. People in Utah trust us for our efficient and honest dealing.

One of the Most Credible and Dependable Sewer Line Repair Services in St. George, Utah!

We at marlin are pleased that our sewer line restoration services are one of the best in the entire Southern Utah area!

One call to solve all your plumbing problems

Advantages of Getting Timely Sewer Line WORK PErformed

Even though sewer lines can be kept in shape for a certain amount of time, it is best to get them replaced if the house has older versions of the pipes that are prone to bursting and erosion. What benefits do you get?


One of the most beneficial things of replacing old sewer lines with new ones is that you can replace them with new PVC pipes that can also accommodate modern features like sensors to help you detect any problem.


With old pipes, you’ll always be running to the plumbers to fix one thing or another when you constantly get floods in your house. This not only keeps you busy and wastes a lot of your time but repairing sewers can be quite expensive. If you get them replaced, you won’t be kept engaged in this never-ending loop of repairs and save a lot of time and money!


When your old and rusty pipes are replaced with new ones, modern technology demands some fixtures as well. You can add sensors and cameras to your sewer line and this way you can get easily surveillance and you can effortlessly monitor when damage is about to occur!

Why Choose US for All of Sewer Line Repairs in Southern Utah?


You want the best for your home. So, choosing the best sewer line company can be a hard choice as you have so many options available.
However, marlin plumbing is one of the most trusted ones among the citizens of Utah and St. George because we always deliver what we promise. If you choose us, you’ll get:

Get Effective Plumbing Solutions at Ring of a Phone Call!

Whatever sewer problem you have, give Marlin Plumbing a call and get prompt replies in the form of our experts at your door!

Marlin Plumbing Sewer Line Services Include

We consider your home, our home, which is why we only bring the best repairing techniques. Our multiple services while mending or replacing your pipelines include:


We use the open trench method to repair damage and a backhoe to refill the gap.


In this method, they use a hydraulic machine and insert the new pipe in the old one, bursting the older one replacing it with a new one.

One call to solve all your plumbing problems
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Hundreds of reviews
Shelley TuckerShelley Tucker
16:05 07 Jan 24
Marlin plumbing is great. Always call to confirm appt, very informative regarding solving the problem and personable. I appreciate their service and... their good attitude.read more
Brandy LayfieldBrandy Layfield
23:43 02 Jan 24
Marlin has come out twice due to leaks. They treated us well, they did a good job, and had affordable rates for the the plumbing outside of my home... that wasn't covered by home warranty. Hot water heater replacement, outdoor pressure valve replacement and a leak we couldn't find that turned out to be the fridge water line. I appreciate the professional service that they did and will continue to use them for my plumbing needs. I'm very glad I chose this family business, you can tell they care.read more
Chery PopielChery Popiel
12:30 31 Dec 23
Showed up on time & got the repairs done quickly. I’d use them again.
Judi RoeJudi Roe
17:58 30 Dec 23
Great service and happy to have the new water softener installed and working.
Sonya SmithingSonya Smithing
00:45 30 Dec 23
Great job!
Kim CKim C
18:34 25 Dec 23
Fantastic service and great people. They arrived on time and ready to solve my water heater issue. They were able to figure out the problem quickly.... Rather than make me wait or make another appointment, they went to get the part needed and came back to fix it same day. I was very impressed and pleased. Grateful to have hot water again! I would definitely recommend!read more
Thomas ShayThomas Shay
14:44 25 Dec 23
The gentleman who replaced our water heater was first rate. His estimate was exactly the amount we paid! He completed the removal and installation... exactly the length of time he estimated. In addition he was very personable and give us some helpful advise on other plumbing issues, that were unrelated to the problem at hand. Finally he arrived exactly on time. I'm 77 yrs old and a former engineer this was my best experience with a repair person in my entire life.I would rate Marlin Plumbing with 10 stars if I could.Tomread more
Melisa WhiteMelisa White
18:58 25 Nov 23
We got a water softener and washing machine box installed about 6 weeks ago. Our laundry room looks so much better with the box installed and it has... been so nice to have the water softener. I will definitely use Marlin Plumbing again next time I need something. They were prompt getting us a quote & doing the work, the bill was exactly as expected, the work was good quality, communication was great, and they even cleaned up after themselves which was impressive…not everyone does that. I also felt their pricing was very good.read more
Cin DyCin Dy
23:08 08 Aug 23
My air conditioner decided to stop running properly. Refilled the Freon and it still would not cool below 80 degrees. Unit was replaced. Unit is... working as expected! Very professional!read more
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A Sewer inspection camera is a small waterproof video camera attached at the end of a flexible cable that is inserted through the pipe to assess any damage in the sewer line.

The experts maneuver the cable camera inside the sewer line using small motors. Powerful lights on the camera show when there is a leak in the pipes.

The best time to look for damage is when you notice a foul or gas smell emitting from your sinks and toilets.

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