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Hire The Best Sewer Line Repair Solution Provider in Southern Utah

The conventional way of repairing or replacing sewer lines includes messy digging. At Marlin Plumbing, we prefer solutions that save effort, time, money – also, won’t leave a mess in your yard.

Sewer Line Repair and Installation Service in St. George

Sewers lines are one of the most commonly used things that you use constantly at your home in St George, Utah. However, many times homeowners often do not think about their sewer lines and pipes until a sudden backup or flooding occurs – and you are really frustrated now. Additionally, cracked and clogged sewer pipes can be more than just an expensive repair. They may result in hugely expensive property damage as well as lead to serious health issues.

Sewer pipe repair will be the first thing to take into consideration when a sewer line fails suddenly. Also, if the sewer pipe or line can’t be fixed or repaired, then the line replacement is the only option you will have to go for eventually.

However, it often becomes tricky to recognize and assess the cause behind the leaks, clogs and cracks in your sewer pipes – especially if you don’t have any prior experience in plumbing. You may spend time, effort and money on DIY attempts, but without knowing the actual cause of the issue, you’ll probably end up wasting money and even damage your plumbing system more.

A good, experienced and expert plumber will make sure to recognize and assess the root cause of the issue before going to work on a solution. To effectively diagnose your plumbing issue and apply the best solution, we at Marlin Plumbing specializes in plumbing services especially in Sewer Line Repair in Utah. We know the best ways to inspect sewer lines – one of the best ways is through sewer camera inspections for sure.
We specialize in: 


What Marling Plumbing Is Valued For?

Pipe Corrosion

simply comes from the metal in your sewer line reacting with the wastewater that travels through them, is one of the most major problems with sewer lines.


People don’t often know what is the root cause behind this issue. But an expert plumbing services provider can tell you that a camera inspection is a way towards recognizing the root cause of the issue. Our experts at Marlin Plumbing have helped the people of Utah with this commonly occurred issue with our advanced solutions – like camera inspection. We take pride in saying that we have delivered the best sewer line cleaning service to the people of Utah.

Pipe Shifting

Foundation sinkholes, shifting, or even just an excess of rainwater may result in the substrate in your sewer line. Which later result in bow, buckle, or shift in some way – and this shifting may further cause your sewer line to change its shape. People of St George and Utah often face this challenge and come to us for inspection and repair of their sewer lines.


We provide the best and effective sewer line repair, replacement and sewer line cleaning solutions in Utah and its surroundings. We help inspect sewer lines occasionally to better recognize if they are in their fine position and shape or may need to be replaced with the new one. People trust us for our family-oriented plumbing solutions.

Most Trusted And Valued Sewer Line Service In St George, UT

Marlin Plumbing takes pride in offering the most effective sewer line repair solutions in St George, Utah.

One call to solve all your plumbing problems

Experience The Best Sewer Line Replacement Service with Marlin Plumbing

A sewer line is a pipe installed in your home that transports waste products from your kitchen, bathroom and any other areas of the house through which water flows. If your sewer pipes work fine it is well and good. However, if not then it is bad news for some obvious reasons. It may:
Hence, it is essential to constantly and regularly get your sewer lines and pipes inspect to ensure that they are in a good shape and condition. A very few of the issues that you may face if your sewer lines are damaged include:
If your yard is sinking in spots, or only a certain area in your home is wet, the main sewer line might need to be replaced with a new one or may repair. The typical lifespan of sewage lines in the ground is around 50 years. In order to meet such cumbersome challenges effectively it is needed to use advanced and effective solutions that can best resolve these issues. Hiring plumbers from Marlin Plumbing will help you:

Marlin Plumbing Making Professional Sewer Line Repair Services Affordable!

Since your home is your happy place and you want the best for it in every manner. However, with various online available options of Sewer Line Repair in St. George, Utah, it becomes difficult to choose the best among the pool of companies.

At Marlin Plumbing Services, we promise you that we possess all the qualities you look for in a sewer line replacement company in Utah. We already have achieved thousands of milestones and served many homeowners in St George, Utah and its surroundings. We take pride in saying that our clientele has been delighted with our sewer line repair services along with other plumbing solutions for your home.

We promise to deliver what we promise for – and for this purpose, we make sure to take every essential and needed measure to get the job done right. Hiring our services you will enjoy:

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services

especially sewer line inspection, repair, installation and replacement.

24/7 available customer support service

your sewer line can get clogged, bursts, or damaged anytime giving you anxiety and frustration. Hence, we make sure to be available to you whenever you need an expert sewer line repair service in Utah, making the process easy. You can get in touch with us anytime a day or night. Our customer support team will be all here to satisfy any of your queries seamlessly.

Experienced technicians

our highly skilled technicians – trained on new technologies and methods, have years of experience to deliver you satisfying results.
Marlin Plumbing Delivers What It Promises!

Hire us today and get remarkable solutions to your sewer line problems.

How Marlin Plumbing Delivers the Sewer Line Repair Solutions !

All homeowners look for the best, quality, and effective solutions that they can get at affordable rates. We consider your home as ours – hence provide the best plumbing solutions that can help you satisfy your unique needs. We will assess your sewer pipe clogs, cracks and damage. We will make sure to take steps that can help avoid sewer line replacement. Since your property layout and sewer system are rare and precious, there may be some basic complications that we can recognize to resolve them efficiently.

Traditional Sewer Line Repair

We will use the ‘open-cut/trench’ sewer line repairing method to gain access to the damaged section of the sewer line. A backhoe will be used to open and refill the work area.

Pipe Bursting Technique

With the help of a hydraulic machine, they will insert a new replacement pipe on one end and pull it through the old pipe’s path. This will cause the old pipe to burst so that they can replace it with a new one.
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Hundreds of reviews
Shelley TuckerShelley Tucker
16:05 07 Jan 24
Marlin plumbing is great. Always call to confirm appt, very informative regarding solving the problem and personable. I appreciate their service and... their good attitude.read more
Brandy LayfieldBrandy Layfield
23:43 02 Jan 24
Marlin has come out twice due to leaks. They treated us well, they did a good job, and had affordable rates for the the plumbing outside of my home... that wasn't covered by home warranty. Hot water heater replacement, outdoor pressure valve replacement and a leak we couldn't find that turned out to be the fridge water line. I appreciate the professional service that they did and will continue to use them for my plumbing needs. I'm very glad I chose this family business, you can tell they care.read more
Chery PopielChery Popiel
12:30 31 Dec 23
Showed up on time & got the repairs done quickly. I’d use them again.
Judi RoeJudi Roe
17:58 30 Dec 23
Great service and happy to have the new water softener installed and working.
Sonya SmithingSonya Smithing
00:45 30 Dec 23
Great job!
Kim CKim C
18:34 25 Dec 23
Fantastic service and great people. They arrived on time and ready to solve my water heater issue. They were able to figure out the problem quickly.... Rather than make me wait or make another appointment, they went to get the part needed and came back to fix it same day. I was very impressed and pleased. Grateful to have hot water again! I would definitely recommend!read more
Thomas ShayThomas Shay
14:44 25 Dec 23
The gentleman who replaced our water heater was first rate. His estimate was exactly the amount we paid! He completed the removal and installation... exactly the length of time he estimated. In addition he was very personable and give us some helpful advise on other plumbing issues, that were unrelated to the problem at hand. Finally he arrived exactly on time. I'm 77 yrs old and a former engineer this was my best experience with a repair person in my entire life.I would rate Marlin Plumbing with 10 stars if I could.Tomread more
Melisa WhiteMelisa White
18:58 25 Nov 23
We got a water softener and washing machine box installed about 6 weeks ago. Our laundry room looks so much better with the box installed and it has... been so nice to have the water softener. I will definitely use Marlin Plumbing again next time I need something. They were prompt getting us a quote & doing the work, the bill was exactly as expected, the work was good quality, communication was great, and they even cleaned up after themselves which was impressive…not everyone does that. I also felt their pricing was very good.read more
Cin DyCin Dy
23:08 08 Aug 23
My air conditioner decided to stop running properly. Refilled the Freon and it still would not cool below 80 degrees. Unit was replaced. Unit is... working as expected! Very professional!read more
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We Have Answers

You can expect to spend between $1,073 and $4,054, depending on the kind of damage. Homeowners who get a full replacement may spend around $3,000-$25,000.

Yes, however consider professional Marlin Plumbing services instead.

Every 18 to 22 months make sure to get your sewer line cleaned by a credible plumber.

The “clean out” is a pipe to provide access to the sewer line so that the blockages can be eliminated.

Some common signs include soggy lawn, slow drains, clogs and backups, an odor of sewer gas, lush, green lawn area, insect and rodent infestation.

Some of the signs of your sewer line that needs to be replaced include the drains aren’t draining, the lawn is super green, there’s mold on your walls, your toilets make gurgling noises, and there are strange smells around your home.

An inspection done by a camera attached to a snake line to record the condition of the sewer, revealing any tree roots, cracks clogs, collapsed lines, and other problems inside the sewer.

Yes, you should avoid any big loss.

The main factor that determines your sewer line replacement cost is the length of the line needed.

You can expect to spend between $1,073 and $4,054, depending on the kind of damage. Homeowners who get a full replacement may spend around $3,000-$25,000.

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